Intro to Geocaching, A Global Treasure Hunt

Dates:April 28 - May 5, 2024
Meets:Su from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Location:MALT Office, 6601 Greene St.
Cost: $49.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.


Geocaching is a secret, global, treasure hunt happening all the time in the world around us. With hidden geocaches located on top of the highest mountains, deepest oceans, and a neighborhood park near you. Join us for two sessions, one in classroom and one outdoors to learn how to play and join the global Geocacher community! Students will learn about an exciting, global game, taking place all around them that many are none the wiser to. Geocaching is a great hobby that has very little overhead and can add a fun activity to both your everyday life as well as your travels, vacations and family time.
Fee: $49.00

MALT Office, 6601 Greene St.

Located at the corner of Greene & Hortter Streets. SEPTA bus route H stops one block away at Lincoln Drive at Greene Street and Lincoln Drive at Hortter Street. Chestnut Hill West rail station at Upsal is also about one block away.

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Mike Finnell

is an avid player with 18 years experience in the game. He has found over 1,000 Geocaches and placed nearly 75 more in the Philadelphia Metro area, including at the MALT office. Those hides include the top five (by quality) of Philadelphia's over 900 Geocaches caches and have received recognition by
Date Day Time Location
04/28/2024Sunday1 PM to 3 PM MALT Office, 6601 Greene St.
05/05/2024Sunday1 PM to 3 PM MALT Office, 6601 Greene St.

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