All About Medical Cannabis and CBD

Dates:June 6, 2024
Meets:Th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location:NewCourtland's Germantown Campus, 6950 Germantown Ave.
Cost: $32.00

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Everywhere you look today you see CBD advertised for a myriad of symptoms. But how do you know if your products are clean and safe? Each of us have an Endocannabinoid System and CB1 and CB2 receptors that work together to provide alleviation of symptoms and promotion of well-being. CBD and other cannabis products can address a myriad of symptoms including pain, anxiety, seizure activity, muscle spasm and others. This course will cover the process of obtaining a legal medical cannabis card, and how to choose the appropriate medicine for what ails you.
Fee: $32.00

Fee Breakdown

Category Description Amount
Course Fee (Basic)Course Fee$ 32.00
Optional FeeDonation (optional)$ 0.00

NewCourtland's Germantown Campus, 6950 Germantown Ave.

All MALT Classes take place in the Eisenhardt Building

6950 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia PA. (Also known as Germantown Home). Across from Lovett Memorial Library.

Barbara Ochester

, EdD, MSN BSN, RN, began her professional career as a Registered Nurse over 48 years ago. Building a foundation in bedside nursing in the medical/surgical, intensive care, and emergency departments, she continues active clinical practice doing cannabis counseling, wellness clinics, and immunization nursing. Barbara currently works at the Pacific College of Health and Sciences, teaching in the medical cannabis track.

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