Ask Your Questions to Your BAILS (Banking, Accounting, Insurance, Legal and Social Media) Online

Dates:May 23, 2024
Meets:Th from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location:The Comfort of Your Own Home
Cost: $49.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.


The class offers a unique opportunity for students to receive expert guidance on banking, accounting, insurance, legal, and social media matters. Students gain valuable insights, clarifications, and personalized advice, fostering a comprehensive understanding of these crucial domains for informed decision-making in various aspects of life. Enrolling empowers students with personalized guidance on essential life domains. They receive expert insights on banking, accounting, insurance, legal, and social media matters, fostering a comprehensive understanding. This knowledge equips them to make informed decisions and navigate these crucial aspects with confidence and clarity.
Fee: $49.00

The Comfort of Your Own Home

This class will be held online.

Pamela Rich-Wheeler

This class is taught by experts from The Business Center for Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise. The Businesss Center has been providing consulting, educational workshops and business support services to deserving small businesses for over 20 years. The mission of the Business Center is to equip adult and youth small businesses with the necessary tools to start, sustain and expand their operations. Since 1999 the center has provided small business workshop training, teaching small business owners how to design and implement a business plan and scale. To date the program has served over 3000 clients.

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