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Coach Leroy "Pete" Waller is an established tennis coach who has worked with youth and adults for over 20 years. His vast experience includes working with Legacy Youth Tennis and Education, Down the Line and National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL), just to name a few. For many of those years, Coach Pete has provided individual and group instruction.
Lisa Abramowitz Taught by instructors from the Wissahickon Skating Club. Please check directly with the Wissahickon Skating Club for a list of all their classes.
Meri Adelman is an exhibiting artist and was the Curator of Education at Woodmere Art Museum for 13 years. She has a BFA in painting and an MA in art history. See her work at
Joan Adler is a healthcare professional who is providing Medicare counseling with APPRISE through Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA).
Andrea Apice is a certified Holistic Aromatherapist, Herbalist, & Reiki Practioner. She completed her herbal apprenticeship with Heart Stone Herbal School where she learned how to support each anatomical system using the power of herbs. Andrea is the owner and formulater of Honey Rose Naturals, a small business in Philadelphia that focuses on holistic beauty.
Michael Armstrong has been in the fitness and wellness industry for 17 years. He became an exercise specialist, worked in corporate wellness, later became a licensed health professional, and a certified health coach. He currently works as an occupational therapist, treating the geriatric population as well as coaching individuals to good health.
Yosaif August , ACC, has had several encore careers since turning 50: certified life coach, workshop leader, inventor, NIH-funded researcher, published author, speaker, composer and leader of men's retreats. See more at:
Coretta Avery has been couponing for over 24 years. She conducts trainings throughout the Philadelphia area and has been a presenter for over 20 years.
Dorothy Bauer spent most of her adult life in Berkeley, California where she was able to take classes at Living Light Culinary Institute and study with world renowned raw chef and author, Elaina Love.
Sophie Bernard has been doing yoga for nearly 18 years. In 2007, she obtained her 200 hour yoga certification in Inner Fire Yoga from Yoga on Main. She is also a Reiki Master. Her website is:
Marck "Flaco" Best is a native of Mt. Airy. As a master teaching artist, he holds roster artist positions with such prestigious arts education agencies as Young Audiences of NJ & PA, AIE, Perkins Center for the Arts, Appel Farm and Arts Horizons, and has a long-standing relationship with The Painted Bride Art Center, where he appears frequently. His passion lies in teaching men to dance with the women in their lives.
Joshua Black is a health and fitness, vegan/plant-based advocate who shares information, recipes, thoughts and opinions with a loyal following of over 50k followers on various social media platforms as the Urban Black Vegan.
Natalie Bliss is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified ReikiSound(TM) instructor. A retired professional cellist and former music teacher, her classes combine practical knowledge with creative experimentation and actual experience. See more about Natalie and her work at
Jolie Bookspan , MEd, PhD, FAWM, is a research scientist who developed pioneering advances in sports medicine. Military and university medical departments gave her the toughest assignments to find out why conventional training and rehab methods don't work, and what does. See her website at

Her heritage handicrafts have been exhibited in major galleries and she is also a second generation circus arts teacher.

Michael Brooks of West Chester University and the Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery will be your guide.
Karen Bruhin is a 3rd degree initiate within the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a syncretic Wiccan tradition, and the High Priestess of Tenders of the Earth Temple. She has been active in the local Wiccan and Pagan community for the past 20+ years.
Brenda Burwell is a Master Educator with more than 40 years' experience in the beauty business. She is a licensed cosmetology teacher and is a certified beauty and image consultant with emphasis on color, style and wardrobe analysis. Brenda is a volunteer for the American Cancer Society where she helps cancer patients cope with appearance related effects of cancer treatments. Brenda's mission is to support holistic wellness by teaching ways to decrease and prevent disease and premature aging.
Joy Capponi Philadelphia Dance Theatre provides a high-quality, richly creative, pre-professional program to children and adults. PDT provides exceptional training for beginner through pre-professional students in a nurturing environment, which respects each dancer for his or her own individual potential. For more information go to
Jesse Carpenter uses improv as a corporate training tool. From helping employees brainstorm, to teaching leaders a better way to communicate with their staff, Jesse finds that improv is fun and effective. He has studied improv in NY and Philadelphia. His improv format "Comedian Deconstruction," won best new format at the International Comedy festival in NZ.
Howard Carson is a WordPress developer and trainer who owned his own business for 18 years. In 2015, he was a founding member of US Server Net, LLC Cooperative, a member-owned, democratically-run WordPress hosting company based in Willow Grove, where he teaches WordPress design and development, web graphics, search engine optimization and web marketing workshops.
Rodney Chonka has led wine tastings at MALT since 2009. He has two degrees in French and has taught at the University of California-Santa Barbara and University of Bordeaux. He has lived, studied, taught and traveled in France, and has toured wineries throughout Europe and the US.
Christopher Coan has been teaching at Vitality Studio in Mt. Airy for eight years. He is also a highly sought after private instructor.
Pamia Coleman has lived a plant-based lifestyle for the past 10 years. Her passions include cooking with herbs and assisting those interested in switching to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.
Walter Copeland and his team of certified personal trainers and fitness instructors specialize in weight loss, core strengthening, nutrition improvement, flexibility improvement, sports conditioning, physical rehabilitation and clients with limitations.
Susan Cotteta is a licensed realtor, and has been teaching with MALT since 2002. She works with buyers and sellers in Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester and Montgomery Counties.
DeAnn Cox is the owner of Cox Management and Consulting Firm, Inc. She has successfully directed the company's strategic planning, social media management, business development, resources, quality assurance and customer satisfaction.
Deborah Crane has been helping clients "find their voice" for more than 15 years. She is experienced in Voice Movement Therapy, an expressive arts therapy which focuses on the voice as an instrument of self-expression. Her approach to voice is not based in either singing or speaking, but in helping her clients expand their voice for the purpose of living a more expressive and fulfilling life.
Barbara Crawford has been a freelance copy editor for 20 years - editing memoirs, textbooks, novels, and comic books. She has discovered commonalities among writers and appreciates each unique voice.
Larry Daniels is a financial advisor with 20 plus years in the industry, both as a financial advisor and a manager. He specializes in retirement planning and asset management and is dedicated to helping both individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals.
Susan Dannenberg is a bicycle advocate with a Masters degree in City Planning. She has lived in Mt. Airy for over 22 years.
Eleena De Lisser is a real estate investor who caught the apartment investing bug in 2015. In less than two years, she has gone from 0 to 1008 units. She is an equity partner/co-owner of four different apartment buildings.
Ebony DeBrest has been teaching swimming for 10+ years. She is a patient, fun-filled, comforting motivator who sincerely enjoys working with people. She has had students of all ages, from babies as young as 6 months to seniors wanting to conquer their fear of the water.
Kristen Dieffenbacher is deaf, but grew up learning to speak and hear through hearing devices. She didn't learn ASL until she went to college. She started working at Pennsylvania School for the Deaf as a teacher aide and fell in love with the deaf culture and feels that she has found herself.
Judy Dobbs has been teaching healing arts since 1975. She has been doing eye exercises for more than 20 years when she permanently got rid of her own glasses. Judy also teaches Aromatherapy & Reflexology.
Adrienne Dolberry , PhD, is the owner of Reflectential Coaching. She works as an educational specialist and is currently researching the use of brainwave entrainment technology to reduce mild anxiety and depression in medical students. Adrienne practices yoga, meditation, and "Minute Mindfulness" techniques to support her own career.
June & Audrey Donaldson have been teaching dance since 2003. Their backgrounds are in Philly Bop, Cha-Cha, 2-Step/Strand, Line Dancing, and various Ballroom dance styles. They hold weekly classes in the Philadelphia area, provide private instruction, and present workshops locally and at national dance conferences.
Nina Epstein is known as the Digital Diva and has been an information technology instructor and consultant for over 25 years, helping individuals and small business owners use technology and solve their computing problems.
Kirsten Erwin has studied T'ai Chi since 1982 and is currently a senior student of Sibok Robert Kassof. Related areas of training include long and short Yang T'ai Chi forms, QiGong, Reiki, Kung Fu and meditation. She is a Certified Instructor of T'ai Chi for Arthritis.
Yvonne Ferguson-Hardin has been in the fitness industry for 23 years. She holds certifications in various areas of fitness and degrees in Physical Education and Health Sciences, and Therapeutic Recreation.
Kurt Findeisen has studied T'ai Chi Ch'uan with Maggie Newman since 1979 and has many years of teaching experience. He is a retired physician who believes his T'ai Chi instruction is as valuable as any drug he ever prescribed.
Ronesha Fisher has been dancing since she was a child, starting out with ballet, tap and jazz and then learning the hip-hop culture of dancing as she grew older. She has been a part of multiple dance groups around the Philadelphia area and has performed at talent showcases and different schools and organizations.
Mindy Flexer Studio Offered by the staff of Mindy Flexer Art School. For more info see
Brian Foley , Esq. has a law practice in Mt. Airy, focusing on civil rights, criminal defense, employment law (including academia) and the needs of small businesses. He won the teaching award at Drexel's law schooland is currently an adjunct professor at Rutger's Law. He has taught public speaking, negotiation and various valuable skills to practicing lawyers, law students and others. His website is
Jeannie Fridey , Esq. has been a licensed attorney, practicing matrimonial and family law in Pennsylvania since 1994. Prior to opening her own practice, she served as the chief litigator, oversaw the complex cases and trained the new associates for a matrimonial and family law firm for approximately 15 years.
John Gallogly is a professional voice coach and producer with Creative Voice Development Group. He has instructed and developed voice talent throughout the northeastern U.S. and has an extensive background in radio and DJ work, advertising and professional singing.
Andrew Gilmore has been studying the history of American entertainment for 20 years, and has a BA from Arcadia University in Theater and American Recorded Popular Entertainment.
Misty Godfrey is certified by the American Riding Instructors Association and has been teaching riding for over 15 years. She has also been riding competitively since her early teens. She loves teaching riding and is passionate about helping riders to reach their personal goals.
David Grauel comes to MALT by way of NYC where he was a Technical Support and Training Specialist in Microsoft Office products for such companies as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. As part of the Human Resources Administration, he trained supervisors and staff, worked the Help Desk, and performed network troubleshooting.
Jacquelyn Hamilton has a great passion for swimming and sees it as an outstanding life skill to have. She enjoys sharing the happiness and joy that swimming has brought her with younger children.
Rachael Hanible grew up in a poor neighborhood, in a single parent household, and was determined to experience financial freedom. She set and achieved her goals to become completely debt free (including student loans), to save a year's worth of income, and to get her credit score above 800.
Blakey Hastings is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. She has been practicing yoga for most of her life (30 years) and has dedicated her career to supporting people in their efforts to live a fully embodied life.
Hal Hazen has been a member of Facebook for five years and has built a network of hundreds of friends and organizations. He can advise students about security concerns, problems, topic searches and groups.
Gayle Herbert Robinson is a licensed Zumba instructor and has taught and performed Liturgical Dance for 15 years. She also teaches rebounding (a mini trampoline workout). Gayle specializes in fun fitness.
Lena Hines is the creator and owner of LeeBee's Natural, a natural and organic bath and body business. She has been researching and making natural bath and body products for 5 years. Lena enjoys teaching and demonstrating her products at workshops, vendor events and home parties.
Mike Homsher is a supervisor at the Trolley Car Table Tennis Club.
Ruth Hoskins , PhD, HHS, LCSW, is a forty-year meditation teacher, certified Yoga teacher from the Himalayan Institute (200 hr), psychotherapist, holistic health sciences author of the book "No Time for Downtime" and the CD "Easy Stress Solutions for You." She teaches you to rest, relax and manage your day balancing your life, body, mind and spirit.
Jason Huber is a dad, husband, innovator, traveler, award-winning entrepreneur, CEO of the Global Classroom Project and executive director at Teens, Inc. He has been flipping the script for most of his life to find innovative approaches to education and personal success.
Shelley Hyman has been the director of Curtain Call Theatre Company since 1983. She has performed programs at various venues in the local area for children and adults. Shelley, who has been acting since the age of 12, has experience in theatre, movies, voice-overs, commercials and print work.
Marc Jacobs is a certified life coach. He has worked with clients from across the country on a variety of personal, family, substance abuse, counseling, school related, psychiatric, financial and health care issues.
Howard James is president of Tea Journey, LLC, a provider of gourmet loose-leaf tea. He has studied the tea industry since 1999, initially for an MBA project at Eastern University, and since 2001, as an owner of Tea Country. Howard received the new industry-standard Level-II certification from the Specialty Tea Institute in March 2006.
Theodora Johns is a registered nurse of 29 years. She has been making bath and body products for over 6 years. Her line of products includes soap, body butters, lip balms, bath salts and more.

LISTING YOUR HOME FOR SALE: is a real estate agent with Keller Williams Main Line Realty. While the real estate market is up 8% in closed units this year, Keller Williams Main Line Realty is up over 26%! Dora will show you how to get similar results.

Anne Johnson , a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique, has been teaching for MALT since 1995. She teaches individuals and groups in her Mt Airy studio and surrounding areas, as well as at the Boyer College of Music at Temple University. Anne travels worldwide teaching this rich body of work to people of all ages, professions, skill levels and diverse backgrounds.
Shannon Johnson is a certified educator in business and math. She learned jewelry design through classes and her own experimentation. Her knowledge of gemstones comes from years of research and personal relationships with those who have studied in this arena for years.

AROMATHERAPY: is a Certified Essential Oil Therapist. She has conducted individual consultations and workshops in essential oil therapy.

Jacqueline Jonas has been cooking for large crowds since growing up in a family of 10 down South. She currently runs a kitchen consulting business called The Kitchen Doula which provides private cooking lessons and in-home kitchen consultations.
Lucia Jones began line dancing in 2001 and teaching in 2007. She formed a group called Triple Threat Incorporated with 2 friends and together they have created several dances, including "Let's Get It," "Triple Threat," and "Bad Boy Xclusive."
Marcia Jones is a teaching artist who works from her home studio in Mt Airy. She paints in watercolor, acrylic and oils, and passionately believes in sharing the regenerative power of art to anyone who is interested! Find out more at
Alexa Karaoulis has been training dogs for 20 years. She has competed in Agility, Obedience and Flyball, and has taught dog-training seminars around the country. Alexa is currently working towards certification in nosework.
Lisa Klauder has been a fitness instructor for 30 years. She has taught corporate and public classes including kids and senior fitness classes. Lisa has a certification in Group Exercise from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and is also an avid runner.
Debra Klingler has been a MALT dance instructor since 1994. She teaches a wide array of partner dances, including ballroom, swing and Latin dancing throughout the Philadelphia area, and can be found enjoying dancing with her students and partners in many local dance clubs.
Martha Knox is an artist with over 12 years of teaching experience, including working with children at United Friends School, the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, and the Institute for the Arts in Education. She has an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and has taught Creativity and the Arts for the Developing Child at La Salle University.
Connie Koppe has taught over 30 beginning and intermediate singing classes for MALT. Professionally, she teaches actors, singers and CEOs to build and use their voices more effectively. Connie understands that singing is an important natural human expression in which everyone can share their thoughts and feelings and that those who feel they cannot sing can develop a positive relationship with their singing voice.
Munir Kreidie is a Middle East scholar, resident (16 years, 3 countries), and traveler (11 countries). He is the son of a UN diplomat from Lebanon and a researcher. Munir has a BA and MA in Political Science and International Relations from Villanova University.
Robert Lamb is a dad, husband, youth sports coach, real estate investor, realtor and team leader of the Lamb Squad. As an entrepreneur and former musician, he embodies peace as the way to achieving your goals.
Quint Lange has been playing the drums for dancers for 30 years. He has played in St Barthe, the Turks and Caicos, Key West and points north to Bar Harbor, Maine, and performed and taught with Babatunde Olatunji at the Omega Institute in New York.
Yoon Lee is a caterer, instructor and Philly private party chef. You can learn more info on her website:
Katharine Lee Siu Ping 's work has been exhibited by museums in China, Hong Kong and Japan. In 2015 her work won a competition for exhibit in Taiwain. She's a graduate of Beijing's prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts (an institution as renowned as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts). Over 20 years, Katharine has created a teaching method which brings out the Chinese artist in everyone.
Mickey Leone Offered by the staff of Chestnut Hill Music Academy under director Mickey Leone - a full service school in Chestnut Hill providing training on all instruments and voice to all ages. Steps from CH East Train Station. Info at
Wanamaker Lewis has been performing and teaching for over 25 years. He has recorded 3 albums and performed at many venues including the Philadelphia Folk Festival and the Keswick Theatre. Mr. Lewis has taught at various adult schools in the area, and many of his students now play professionally.
Jessica Liddell , B.A. Arts Education, has been teaching ceramics to adults and children since 1995. She has exhibited her work nationally and has directed collaborative public arts projects in community centers, camps and schools, including the MALT Mosaic at Lovett Library.
David Low , MS PhD, was an entertainer and drug counselor before teaching religion courses as an adjunct professor at Rutgers, Rowan and other area colleges for 10 years. He lived in spiritual communities for 5 years studying Jungian Analysis and other modes of dreamwork. See more about him at
Vanessa Lowe has been teaching personal finance for more than 20 years. She's excited to fulfill her personal mission of helping people live financially healthy lives. She works for a financial regulator and has an MBA from the Wharton School.
Joanne Margolis has been teaching Running For Beginners for seven years. She is an accomplished long distance runner, completing 16 consecutive Philadelphia full and half marathons. She has also completed a 50-mile ultra marathon.
Daune Marie is certified as a Hello event facilitator, a transformational artist, and a grief specialist. She is the founder of Blooming Peace, an art and healing social enterprise that helps people make peace with loss and go on living.
Paul Martin has studied with many Masters and Grand Masters, teaching for over 10 years. He has taught several times at the prestigious National QiGong Association Conference with enthusiastically received workshops.
Rachel Martin is the founder of Clutter Tonic: The Easy, Refreshing Way to Organize Your Home and Office. She finds tremendous pleasure in teaching people to organize and maintain filing systems, create craft areas, have the clean-lined kitchens they've always craved and more.
Janet Mason is a teacher and author. She has written several poetry chapter books (Insight To Riot Press); Hitching To Nirvana (a novel from Cycladic Press); and her book Tea Leaves, a memoir of mothers and daughter, published by Bella Books in 2012. Her second novel, They, was published by Adelaide Books in November, 2017.
Leo McElroy has been a Shiatsu therapist for 30 years and has studied numerous styles of healing practices. He has a private practice in Mt. Airy and is a senior instructor at the International School of Shiatsu.
Mark McLeod is a vibrant instructor who teaches an array of fitness classes. His style is one of true savvy and inspiration. Mark will make you sweat and smile all the while.
Vicki Mehl has studied T'ai Chi since 1995, has taught for ten years and enjoys sharing this accessible and life-changing exercise with others.
Paul Mladjenovic is a Certified Financial Planner, teacher, author of "Stock Investing for Dummies" and "Precious Metals Investing for Dummies" and is the editor of the Prosperity Alert newsletter at
Rick Mohr has played fiddle for 30 years in many styles (Irish, Appalachian, Quebecois, New England, Cape Breton), playing for hundreds of contra and square dances. He is adept at helping people learn the joys of playing tunes together by ear. He also plays guitar, mandolin, concertina, button accordion, and tin whistle.
Marge Neff is a retired educator and a member of the Six Senses Potter's Guild. She has experience in both hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery creation.
Abolaji Ogunshola is an accomplished table tennis player and coach. He started playing in tournaments (after playing largely in the basement) 4 years ago and has achieved levels of expertise mostly reserved for people intensely coached as children (he wasn't). He enjoys teaching and is a product manager during the day.
Michelle Olowolafe is the owner of MO Fitness and has more than 15 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. She has current certifications from the American Council on Exercise, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Athletics & Fitness Association of America, and other professional organizations.
Y'vonne Page-Magnus has many years of experience in this field. She has a BA in Fine Arts from the Inter-Continental University in London where she learned jewelry making, knotting and silk threading from a private instructor. She also studied geology on her own and is deeply passionate about semi-precious stones.
Tyler Peckham claims no Italian heritage, formal training, or even years of restaurant experience. His wife, Justina, used to make Sunday dinners with her Italian grandmother from a very young age. Since buying a pasta maker two years ago, they have been making it weekly for regular meals and dinner parties.
Grace Perkins developed the chair yoga class at the request of the Chestnut Hill Senior Center in 1985. She has created a unique program that integrates posture, metaphors, poetry, seasonal energetic awareness and stories to enhance the basic Integral Yoga approach she teaches.
Paul Plevakas is a PA licensed remodeling contractor and is knowledgeable in all aspects of home repair and remodeling. He has over 30 years of experience in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, masonry, and other home repair concerns.
Fitzgerald Putnam is the founder of Mt. Airy Tech, a local firm that provides IT services, coaching, and consulting to small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.
Simcha Raphael is a bereavement counselor and death awareness educator affiliated with Mt Airy Counseling Center and the Religion Department of Temple University. He is the author of Jewish Views of the Afterlife.
Nancy Rasmussen is a freelance editor and writer with close to 100 published pieces. She has taught several writing courses through the University of Colorado, Temple Center City and the University of the Arts.
Elise Rivers is dedicated to providing health care options not found in mainstream medicine. As founder of Community Acupuncture of Mt. Airy (CAMA), a sliding scale wellness center, her practice represents only part of her mission to make holistic solutions affordable to her community. She holds a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.
Max Rivers , the Marriage Mediator, is also an NVC* trainer, an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and an Ericsonian Hypnotist specializing in using the unconscious to help empower clients achieve their healing goals.

*NVC and Non-Violent Communication are trademarks of and Marshall Rosenberg.

Leslie Robison has provided coaching and organizing services 1999. She is passionate about helping you achieve more ease, credibility and satisfaction at home and at work. Master your day, master your life:
Wendy Romig , MS, is a Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist specializing in addressing health conditions using a blend of functional nutrition and herbal medicine. She regularly gives classes and workshops on nutrition and herbal medicine to the public. Wendy is owner of Sage Integrative Health Center located in West Mt. Airy.
Nadine Rosechild Sullivan is a registered, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Age and Past-Life Regressionist, in practice in the Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill region of Philadelphia. She is an ordained interfaith minister with over 20 years' experience in counseling.
Nathan Rudolph 's desire is to help people find their voice, to speak into their own lives and make bold, informed decisions. As a tutor and coach, Nathan takes a holistic approach as he considers the needs, goals, and passions of his students to help them craft a plan that unifies them all.
Ellen Russell works as a tax preparer. When not preparing taxes, you can find Ellen knee-deep in mud with her vegetable garden.
Christian Rwakazina is a lifelong cyclist and his love of the sport has molded his life, from the youthful joy of his first ride to the exacting precision he brings to bicycle repairs for friends and family. Today, as CEO of Booomers USA (, Christian's insights and energies are guiding the bamboo bicycle company to become the embodiment of sustainable cycling.
Ginger Sable has been studying dance since the age of 3. She currently studies the Philadelphia style of tap dancing, "hoofing," but grew up performing Broadway style tap. She merges these two styles in her classes.
Zipora Schulz is a New York transplant who left the world of advertising as a sketch artist and began teaching art almost 20 years ago to adults and children. For more information, go to
Andrew Sellers is a retired teacher from the Philadelphia school system. He taught both French and Spanish at Northeast High for 30 years.
Mindy Shapiro regularly teaches papercutting and Zentangle through MALT. Her website is
Cheryl Shipman has established her own business doing caning and upholstery after repairing furniture resurrected from many, many relatives' attics.
Eric Shoyler RowZone instructors are some of the area's most accomplished rowers and coaches. The Philadelphia rowing scene has long been one of the premier hot spots for the sport. RowZone's instructors are drawn from local programs and emphasize proper technique while providing both a challenging and motivating experience.
Thomas Siekmann joined the financial services industry as a financial planner where he helps his diverse group of clients reach various financial goals, either in the short or long term.
Heather Slawek Offered by the staff of Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness under the direction of owner Heather Day. For more information go to
Aneesah Smith is a full-time baker and event coordinator. She has been baking for 7 years and catering for 3. She hosts signature wine pairing events.
Emily Smith , BS, LMT is a Myofascial Release Therapist and Pilates instructor. She believes in the power of touch and movement and the role they play daily in the body's ability to heal itself naturally.
Gary Smith has numerous swimming certifications. He has worked with all ages from infant to adult for over 30 years.
Darcy Soper fell in love with the Pilates method in 2005. After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pilates was the only thing that gave her relief. In 2017, Darcy graduated from The Pilates Center Advanced Teacher Training Program in Boulder, CO.
Almitra Tankersly has first-hand knowledge of how to build and maintain strong credit scores. She is the Founder of Credit Fitness Inc. and a Certified Forensics Loan Auditor as well as FICO Pro certified.
Karen Taylor Young is a retired professional dancer with over 35 years of experience who currently teaches and choreographs. She has performed with Philadanco, Opera Ebony, Opera Company of Philadelphia, and was the musical theater choreographer at Germantown Friends School. She trained in the Cechetti Ballet Method, with Martha Graham, Lester Horton, Luigi Jazz, and Catherine Dunham. Karen is also licensed to teach Zumba 1 & 2, Kids & Kids Jr, Toning, Gold, Gold Toning, In the Circuit, and Step.
Jada Temple has been dancing for more than 10 years, with her main concentration in African dance. She took Zumba(R) classes for 3 years before receiving her instructor's license. She loves to teach and make people happy.
Taylor Tenaglia studied at Dance Elite and Philadelphia Dance Theatre. Taylor was awarded scholarships to Regional Dance America National Choreography Intensive and a full tuition scholarship to Leher Dance Company's Summer Intensive.
Kyle Tevlin has a business called I Want a Fun Funeral, helping people plan their own farewell celebrations well in advance and having fun in the process. She's passionate about the benefit of meaningful and creative funerals. She is also a volunteer with the Funeral Consumers Alliance of PA.
Denise Thomas is a professional in human resources and a computer enthusiast with over 30 years of hardware and software experience. She prefers spending a day at Micro Center or Best Buy rather than at the mall.
Bobbi Tighe has been studying and teaching yoga for over 20 years, both in the Philadelphia area and nationally. Bobbi co-founded the Yoga on Main and Main Line Yoga studios, two of the first in Philadelphia. Her Yoga training is in the Viniyoga tradition of TKV Deskichar, emphasizing creative adaptations of yoga poses to meet individuals' needs.
Nicki Toizer is the Technical Director at MALT. She has loved photography for more than 20 years and enjoys teaching others how to use their cameras.
Maria Veneziano has been a fundraising/development professional for over 25 years, working at various non-profit organizations in Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Laila Wah , OMD, is a Doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, Feng Shui Practitioner and Space Clearing Master with more than 35 years experience. She serves the tri-state region.
Karoline Wallace has taught fabric collage workshops to groups for the past 7 years, and has been an art quilt-maker for almost 20 years.
Kim Williams Offered by the staff of Mt. Airy Performing Arts under the Artistic and Managing Director, Kim Williams. For more information go to:
Danielle Wilson has degrees in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Business. She loves showing others how to create new and exciting things from clothes to household decor.
Margaret Wismer has been playing recreational Bridge for 10 years, 5 of which she participated in a monthly Bridgeathon. Margaret has also created a website for teaching Bridge basics.
Djuna Wojton has over two decades of experience as a past-life regressionist, spiritual healer and counselor. Djuna helps you see the bigger picture and step into your power. She is the author of Karmic Healing: Clearing Past-Life Blocks to Present-Day Love, Health and Happiness. Visit to watch TV interviews or listen to pod-casts and other radio interviews.
Austin Wolf has been working actively with clients in the financial planning industry since his early college years. His passion for helping families and individuals identify their goals and design a plan of action to achieve them has allowed him to grow his business.
Jessie Wyatt has a BA in Holistic Health, specializing in Energy Healing techniques and has completed training/certification in EFT, Reiki, and Bach Flower Essences. She sincerely hopes to share some of what she's learned to help others in their healing journey.
Lisa Zahren has been practicing Nia since 2006 years and teaching since 2011. She is a certified Blue Belt Nia Instructor with the Nia Technique. She loves bringing the joy of movement to people of all ages and backgrounds.