How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally in 21 Days

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Dates:March 10, 2018
Meets:Sa from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Location:MALT Office, 6601 Greene St.
Instructor:Michael Armstrong
Fee: $20.00

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Learn how to reduce blood pressure without drugs using diet, exercise, and nitric oxide therapy. These options could give you the results you want without medicinal side effects. Learn about heart-healthy food options and how they play a key role in improving heart and circulatory health. We'll discuss the beneficial impact of aerobic exercise along with the type, intensity and duration of exercise, to elicit favorable and healthy cardiorespiratory outcomes. Discover ProArgi-9, a nitric-oxide therapy that causes blood vessels to relax and repair the endothelium cell lining over time.