Introduction to Computers/Windows 10

Dates:January 16 - February 6, 2018
Meets:Tu from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM, 4 sessions
Location:Center on the Hill, Presbyterian Church of Chest. Hill
Instructor:David Grauel
Fee: $104.00

Students will use laptops with Windows 10.

There is only one opening remaining at this time.

This basic PC (not Apple/Mac) course covers: working with desktop icons; managing and organizing files and directories/folders; copying, moving and deleting files and directories/folders; using search features and simple text editing tools. No experience is necessary, and the class is 100% hands-on. You'll definitely feel more comfortable with computers by the end of the course! If you are considering upgrading from 8.1, please join us and the instructor will walk you through the upgrade process.