Fix Your Own Lower Back Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

Dates:April 1, 2017
Meets:Sa from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location:* Near Paper Mill & Cromwell Rds., Wyndmoor
Instructor:Jolie Bookspan
Fee: $59.00

$20 materials fee payable to the instructor.

There are 3 openings remaining at this time.

Learn why exercises and common treatments don't stop causes of back pain, and what does. Lecture and in-class practice in evidence-based sports medicine methods you can use at work and home to fix the most common kinds of lower back pain. Learn how to spot and change unhealthy daily movement and common exercises that injure. Covers disc, sacroiliac joint (SI), impingement, sciatica, facet, soft tissue pain, and "I don't know why, it just hurts." Suitable for the general public and health professionals. More infor: