Natural Breathing Coordination: An Ongoing Cycle of Giving and Receiving

Dates:June 4, 2017
Meets:Su from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Location:*Near the intersection of Devon St and E Gowen Ave.
Instructor:Anne Johnson
Fee: $34.00

There are 5 openings remaining at this time.

Breathing is reflexive, designed to be effortless and efficient. It is our life force, essential to our ease, mobility and presence. We are often asked to "breathe from our diaphragm" or "belly breathe" without having an accurate image of how our breathing works. This introductory workshop is both informative and experiential. We will take an inside look at what goes on when we breathe, discover habits that interfere with our natural functioning and experience the seamless, ongoing cycle of giving and receiving in coordinated breathing. The foundation for this workshop comes from the principles of the Alexander Technique and the Breathing Coordination discoveries of Carl Stough.