Feed Your Body, Feed Your Hair, and Your Skin

Dates:November 9-16, 2017
Meets:Th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 2 sessions
Location:Church of the Annunciation, 324 Carpenter Lane
Instructor:Lisa DuBoise
Fee: $44.00

$10 materials fee payable to the instructor.

There are still openings remaining at this time.

Let's focus on hair and skin care from the inside out, starting with what we put in and on our bodies, hair, and skin that is detrimental to our health. We'll also examine and expose the truth about chemical, natural and organic products...what it really means for the health of the consumer. Learn proper nutrition as it relates to skin and hair care. Students will learn the top twenty toxic ingredients used in all hair and skin care products that have been linked to cancers, abnormal fetal development, skin disorders and more.